cattle Revamil® CE authorized products for wound healing

After years of scientific research and development, Revamil® products were authorized for wound healing in clinics in 2004. Since then, many patients experienced the benefit of natural honey and its medical functionalities (anti-bacterial protection, anti-inflammation, support of wound healing process). Revamil® products are authorized for usage on infected, chronic and acute wounds.

cattle Revamil® Revamil®, a natural alternative to current antibiotics

The problems of resistance and cyto-toxicity of currently often used antibiotics (incl dressing) have created increasing concern during the last years. Revamil, with a shown ability to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria, has been accepted as a strong alternative to topically used antibiotic dressings in wound care – better, in addition to the anti-bacterial protection, honey stimulates the wound healing process.

cattle Revamil® Honey and Science. Healing wounds.

Revamil® products are developed with several well known scientific and academic institutions. We developed the products in cooperation with University of Wageningen and the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), Amsterdam, both in the Netherlands. The products were tested at the AMC and Bronovo Hospital (the Netherlands), as well as in hospitals in Italy (Modena), Belgium (Gent), Czech Republic (Prague).

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We provide information on several media, for your convenience. You can download information, we have testimonials, and you can contact us for questions about the Revamil® products and about their usage.

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Revamil® has many satisfied users (Creemers and Bosma, 2006). In the years since Revamil® products were introduced (in 2005), they have become well-known both in the Netherlands and abroad. Revamil® ointment in 10 and 30 gram tubes is primarily used for smaller domestic animals; Revamil ...

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